Friday, October 15, 2010

{Ashley & Joseph, Wedding}

Ashley and Joseph are perfect for each other. The bond the two share shows not only through words but through the way they interact with each other. They are both so laid back and game for anything... which worked out perfect ;) On the day of their wedding I was driving up to Dahlonega and got chill bumps when I saw the carnival they put up right when you pull into the town. I whipped my car around and arranged to bring Ashley and Joseph to the site to take their portraits after the ceremony... it worked out perfect! Kids thought Ashley was a princess. Ha! So cute! Besides the dirt.... this was a blast. Ah! Love it! To Ashley and Jospeh= you guys are awesome. Enjoy the preview of their amazing amazing wedding!

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Joseph PrepBLOG


Ferris WheelBLOG

Carnival 14

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Ring with Groom and BrideBLOG

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