Friday, June 3, 2011

Hannah + John David. Wedding. Dothan, Alabama. Maria's Vineyard.

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{We loved shooting you guys!}

I can't tell you how excited we were when we booked this wedding! It was so fun to travel to Alabama and shoot somewhere we have never been - not to mention, Hannah and John David were so so so sweet and one of our favorite couples, ever. We had such a great time shootin' these two.. and the scenery was to die for. We were cracking up I feel like the whole time! It was so fabulous. We loved the whole experience of this wedding... everyone really couldn't have been nicer!

To Hannah & John David: You guys seriously rock. You were such a sweet couple and we absolutley LOVED you guys. Thank you for your sweet text message after we left the field too.. that meant so much! We hope to see you guys in the future & wish you ALL the best! You are a gorgeous couple and make a perfect family. xo

K & C

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