Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Garrett Bennett. Senior Pictures.

IMG_1674 copy

IMG_1678 copy

IMG_1691 copy

IMG_1703 copy

IMG_1707 copy

IMG_1744 copy

IMG_1749 copy

IMG_1774 copy

IMG_1807 copy

IMG_1816 copy

-IMG_1830 copy

IMG_1834 copy

IMG_1842 copy

IMG_1860 copy

IMG_1864 copy

IMG_1870 copy

IMG_1883 copy

IMG_1892 copy

IMG_1899 copy

IMG_1985 copy


Garrett and his mother, Ira are two fabulous people. We had a great time checking out some new spots for Garrett's senior pictures! His love for football really showed throughout the session, it is SO good to be passionate about something in life. Keep on Keepin' on Garrett & good luck with your senior year!




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