Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chelsey+Shane. Wedding. R-Ranch, Dahlonega GA

IMG_4417 copy

IMG_4303 copy

IMG_4436 copy

IMG_4437 copy

IMG_4314 copy

IMG_4374 copy

IMG_4487 copy

IMG_4408 copy

IMG_4497 copy

IMG_4542 copy

IMG_4819 copy

IMG_4334 copy

IMG_4666 copy

IMG_4709 copy

IMG_4595 copy

IMG_4823 copy

IMG_4800 copy

IMG_4733 copy

IMG_4999 copy

IMG_0389 copy

IMG_5057 copy

IMG_0611 copy

IMG_5130 copy

IMG_5124 copy

IMG_5209 copy

IMG_5214 copy

IMG_5172 copy

IMG_5140 copy

IMG_5179 copy

IMG_5170 copy

IMG_4828 copy

IMG_5520 copy

IMG_5631 copy

IMG_5306 copy

IMG_5679 copy

IMG_5261 copy

IMG_5368 copy

IMG_5474 copy

Chelsey & Shane - You guys are hilarious. We had so much fun shooting your wedding! We wish you many years of happiness together and a long happy marriage.

Kaylan + Corey


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