Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kelli+Hogan. Portraits. Alpharetta, GA

IMG_0334 copy

IMG_0362 copy

IMG_0534 copy

IMG_0397 copy

IMG_0514 copy

IMG_0515 copy

IMG_0432 copy

IMG_0461 copy

IMG_0459 copy

IMG_0424 copy

IMG_0471 copy

IMG_0506 copy

IMG_0559 copy

IMG_0478 copy

IMG_0495 copy

IMG_0412 copy

IMG_0530 copy

IMG_0521 copy

To Kelli and sweet Hogan: I loved to photograph you Kelli! Your sweet Hogan is just too cute. It was so nice to meet you both :) I hope you enjoy your pictures!



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