Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brittany+Gates - Lake Lanier Islands - Married! - Gainesville, GA

IMG_0010 copy

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IMG_1827 copy< IMG_1847 copy

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IMG_2097 copy

Okay - so I went a little picture crazy with Brittany, but I couldn't help it! I had to share them all. She is gorgeous.

IMG_1990 copy

IMG_2032 copy

IMG_2012 copy

IMG_2052 copy

IMG_2039 copy

IMG_2021 copy

IMG_2005 copy

IMG_0276 (1) copy

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IMG_2462 copy

IMG_2548 copy

IMG_2431 copy

IMG_2527 copy

IMG_2399 copy

IMG_0562 copy

IMG_0553 copy

IMG_2530 copy

IMG_2586 copy

IMG_2581 copy

IMG_2577 copy

IMG_0677 copy

IMG_2634 copy

IMG_2117 copy

IMG_2112 copyIMG_2125 copy

IMG_2646 copy

IMG_3216 copy

IMG_3223 copy

IMG_2863 copy

IMG_2897 copy

IMG_3000 copy

IMG_3238 copy

IMG_3131 copy

IMG_3324 copy

IMG_3236 copy

IMG_3294 copy

IMG_3081 copy

IMG_2930 copy

IMG_3280 copy

>IMG_3407 copy

To Brittany + Gates - Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day. It was truly a fairytale and we loved it all. So many laughs shared and by far the most dacncing I've ever seen ;) We look forward to being your friends for many years to come! Enjoy married life - you both are great together.

Kaylan + Corey

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