Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Allie, Chris, Hank + Charlie on the way! The Reason

Allie + Chris are great friends and are photographers too! (The Reason - thereasonilove.com) We did a photo swap last week... love that we are able to do things like that. We had an absolute blast shooting these. Love these guys!
Check out the photos they took of us: click here!
Bartelski-(38)-copy Bartelski-(25)-BW Bartelski-(21)-copy Bartelski-(17)-copy Bartelski-(19)-BW Bartelski-(30)-copy Bartelski-(28)-BW Bartelski-(42)-copy Bartelski-(44)-BW Bartelski-(45)-copy Bartelski-(64)-BW Bartelski-(75)-copy Bartelski-(73)-copy Bartelski-(85)-BW Bartelski-(66)-copy Bartelski-(54)-BW Bartelski-(48)-copy Bartelski-(82)-copy Bartelski-(94)-copy Bartelski-(92)-copy Bartelski-(106)-copy Bartelski-(111)-copy Bartelski-(96)-copy Bartelski-(109)-copy

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