Monday, October 29, 2012

Dani + Shawn. Married! Dahlonega, GA

Dani+Shawn-(7)-copy Dani+Shawn-(67)-copy Dani+Shawn-(19)-copy Dani+Shawn-(84)-copy Dani+Shawn-(41)-copy Dani+Shawn-(74)-copy Dani+Shawn-(101)-copy Dani+Shawn-(141)-copy Dani+Shawn-(122)-copy Dani+Shawn-(143)-copy Dani+Shawn-(160)-copy Dani+Shawn-(169)-copy Dani+Shawn-(147)-copy Dani+Shawn-(173)-copy
Here are some of their wedding portraits, we adore! The rain didn't stop us from getting some great shots of these two! They were such an amazing couple to work with and their wedding was SO gorgeous.
Dani+Shawn-(240)-copy Dani+Shawn-(88)-copy
One of the happiest people I've ever met. Such a sweet lady!
Dani+Shawn-(165)-copy Dani+Shawn-(175)-copy Dani+Shawn-(182)-copy Dani+Shawn-(402)-copy Dani+Shawn-(412)-copy Dani+Shawn-(443)-copy Dani+Shawn-(448)-copy

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