Monday, August 24, 2015

Our trip to: England, France, Italy and Switzerland

London, England
The Tower Bridge at Night
The top left would be a toliet... (Mom, took this photo for you!)

Paris, France
The view from the Eiffel Tower is insane!
Love this shot Corey took with his phone.. this was the area our hotel was located.
We were in the "fashion district" area of Paris and noticed every one going to Laduree. Didn't know exactly what is was... boy am I glad we found out. This is where the french macaroon WAS BORNNN! They were delish. Too good really. 150% gained at least 10 pounds from our 4-5 visits to this place. My favorite was the "Rose" and Corey's was the Pistachio. Must. Have. More.
Corey was real amused with all of our nerd headphone equipement. It was so nice though being able to tour the Louvre with them though..
Making fun of selfies... haha.
Favorite picture from the trip! Paris is a beauty at night! We had to wait until around 11:30 at night to get a shot like this.

Rome, Italy
The scale of buildings in Rome will blow your mind. There is nothing like this in the US. Crazy architecture.
This city is SO old. It is an unreal experience to see and touch things that were around way before Christ was born.
Tim Burton called. He wants ^ that dude back. It looks just like Dr. Finkelstein in the Nightmare Before Christmas? Don't panic.. I had to look that up. (Creepy?)

Zurich, Switzerland

Our final destination was a lay-over but we are SO glad it turned out that way! We spent the day walking around Switzerland and it was such a memory. We didn't bring our camera.. but the iPhone did just fine :)

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