Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aubrie + Ry . Wedding . Atlanta, GA

IMG_2029Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2159Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2200Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2217Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2207Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2231Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2239Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2253Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2448Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2307Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2324Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2319Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2348Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2355Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2424Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2443Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2559Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2668Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2739Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2898Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2935Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2926Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2983Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2952Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_3025Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_3040Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_5168Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_5007Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2826Aubrie+Ry 2 copy

IMG_2842Aubrie+Ry copy

IMG_2862Aubrie+Ry copy

First of all, this couple is GORGEOUS! Wow. They had an intimate wedding in Atlanta, Ga at the Shellmont Inn. It is a cozy little bed and breakfast in the heart of Atlanta. We were able to take them around to some other cool spots for their portraits. It was SO much fun and we seriously could have stayed outside all day with them taking pictures. To say the least, the camera loves these two.

To Aubrie & Ry: Have an amazing marriage! The love you to share is quite apparent. We could see it while we were shooting you both :) Stay in touch too! Ps. The honeymoon pictures are great, looks like you guys had a BLAST! xo

K & C


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