Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heather + Nathan . Engagements . Neverland Farms: Cleveland, GA.

IMG_4404Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4456Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4477Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4487Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4501Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4498Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4505Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4531Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4534Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4550Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4581Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4594Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4630Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4657Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4718Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4740Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4763Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4797Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4806Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4824Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4908Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4939Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4966Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4976Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4991Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_4993Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_5000Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_5019Heather&Nathan copy

IMG_5034Heather&Nathan copy

Neverland Farms is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia... Although you can't see much of the scenery through these images - you outta check it out! It is a venue for weddings & is amazing! (Corey and I love it so much we are getting married there!!... in THREE months!!!!!) Anyways.. Heather and Nathan decided on a rustic laid back session and it was exactly what fit them as a couple. These two were so sweet with each other.

To Heather & Nathan: Your wedding will be here before you know it! Enjoy your engagement and your sweet relationship. You two are so cute! Also: We won't forget about the horses... esp the male one ;) Haha that was so funny!



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