Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kayla + Charlie. Wedding. Covington, Ga.

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Kayla amd Charlie were such a fun couple. Their wedding was gorgeous! Charlie's parents have a great piece of land in the beautiful Covington, Georgia. They transformed the area into one of the most fabulous receptions, ever. A few of my favorite things from their wedding was the canoe which held the gifts, the hand-made replica arch by the lake, and chandelier in the tree over their cake! How wonderful is that? Ah-mazing!

We even got the chance to see where Vampire Diaries was filmed while we were in Covington! I've never seen an episode in my life - but it was interesting, and so creepy.

To Kayla & Charlie: Enjoy your marriage! You both look so adorable together and we loved being a part of your day! :)

K & C

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