Friday, July 22, 2011

The Chadwick Family

IMG_0362 copy

IMG_0418 copy

IMG_0440 copy

IMG_0436 copy

IMG_0472 copy

IMG_0404 copy

IMG_0496 copy

IMG_0481 copy

IMG_0593 copy

IMG_0600 copy
What a gorgeous little boy...

IMG_0611 copy

IMG_0597 copy

IMG_0624 copy

IMG_0634 copy

What an adorable family! I met them this morning bright and early for this family shoot! I could have taken pictures all day of them all day long. The little man's name is Fischer.. how cute is that? I just love it..

Also - for all you brides out there, Jennifer (the lady in the photos..) is a WONDERFUL florist. She owns a company called bloom! If you need flowers for your wedding and don't want the ordinary set-up, Jennifer is your gal. Email her @!


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